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Weekly Devotions - December 5, 2017


“As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice…” (Acts 9:3-4, NIV 1984).

“How are you doing today, Ron?” I asked him as he sat down for his check up.
“Better than I was on Monday,” he said.
“What happened Monday?”
“It was raining hard and my TV went out. I stepped onto the covered porch to check the satellite dish and lightening struck right on top of me, six feet over my head. It didn’t hit me but it blew me off my feet and I landed across the room. The only word I could get out was “God!”
I laughed—because he did.  
“Hoped it knocked some sense into you,” I said.

When was the last time you were blown off your feet?
When was the last time the only word you could cry out was “God!” because all other words seemed inadequate? 
When was the last time your life drove you so close to the center of things that you finally saw the Center of it all?
For most of my days I place so many things other than God at the center of it all.
I have known people, and can name them, who seem to live every moment with the totality of their lives focused on God. I envy them at times—but do not envy the fires they must have walked through for God to have purified their hearts so. 
My life looks more like a wheel, with God at the center and my heart repeatedly moving out the spokes toward some other desire, whether it be family or work or sin or whatever. 
There are times I have wished for a bolt of lightning to hit me like my patient was hit, or like Saul of Tarsus, to re-center my heart on God alone. But, then again, that might hurt more than I could stand.
I suspect the best I can hope for, and do so, is for my trips along the spokes to be less frequent and my heart to rest more often at the Center, until my longing finds its true home, until there is no need to wander. 
Nevertheless, if one bolt of lighting would more fully focus my heart, where the world I love is seen with His eyes and the steps I take are placed in His footprints, 
“Fling it, Lord!”
Or perhaps it's not so much a bolt I need to drive my heart to Jesus, but one step after another with day-by-day obedience as I listen for His whisper.

“O that I may find my rest and peace in you! O that you might come into my heart and so inebriate it that I might forget my own evils and embrace my one and only good which is you.”
Augustine: Confessions

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