Weekly Devotions

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Weekly Devotions - June 12, 2018


“Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you” (Matthew 5:42, NIV 1984).

It is my determined habit to give to beggars. The first time I walked past the beggar at the entrance to Mother Theresa Hospital, I placed a $5 bill in his hand, though it was not the local currency. When I completed my hospital work and walked back to the hotel, I watched the beggar’s handler as he held the bill up to the light to be certain it was legitimate. The next day I walked the same route and a new beggar was there. I leaned over and placed some money into her hand. Two Albanian women were walking by, headed to visit their family members in the hospital. As I left the beggar with the money, I heard both women exclaim, “Zot e mire.”

Our God is a giving God, and He expects the same from us. 

Giving doesn’t necessarily make sense; neither did the cross.

Giving involves risk; so did the cross.

It may well be that the beggars at the entrance to the Mother Theresa Hospital were part of a beggar syndicate and most of the money I gave would go to their handlers.
It may well be that the money I gave would be used for drugs and not for food.
It may well be that some of the reason I give comes from underlying guilt at my relative wealth.

It may well be.

But I’ve got to do something with, “Give to everyone who asks you…” (Luke 6:30, NIV 1984). 

And I’ve got to do something with “Zot e mire” (God is good).

Dear God,
Let me be faithful in giving as you were on the cross.